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Introducing Skinny Beanie, An Amazing NEW Weight-loss Agent, Carbohydrate Blocker, Fat Blocker, with Natural Soluble Fiber.

Welcome to Our Planet Phyto Family!

Revolutionary Carb & Fat blocking nutritional supplement that comes in convenient stick packs - instead of pills!


Our unique Skinny Beanie powder acts at the beginning of the digestion, far sooner than other less effective nutritional products produced in a pill form. 

Scientifically proven, doctor recommended, gluten-free, with no harmful additives or chemicals. 

Skinny Beanie is designed to reduce the amount of calories in food that you eat by blocking carbs and fat, and it's excellent in providing natural fiber to assist in digestion.


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All of our products are tested to safely and effectively help create the very best version of you.

This product is a great weight managing tool for your busy lifestyle! 

So reward yourself, and get started reshaping your mind, body, and amazing future today!

And, it's KETO-friendly and Doctor Recommended!

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Skinny Beanie assists those on dietary programs of all types - and especially helps those who don't want the hassle of dieting at all!

We believe in community over competition and sharing our passion for health and wellness with the people of the world.  Our international collaboration is designed to support all who wish to become their most zestful, dynamic, and fulfilled self.  Each of our products are specifically designed to encourage, empower, and help us persevere through adversity, making our beautiful blue earth an even more incredible home. Go ahead, sprinkle Skinny Beanie on your food, it will block unwanted carbs & fat, and that results in less calories per dish! That's what we call

smart eating!  

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Meet Åsa Vesterlund,
TV Personality, Author

Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer

I grew up on a small farm in northern Sweden, and enjoyed freshly baked breads my mom would make from the freshly milled flour sourced from our annual oat and wheat harvests. In my teens, I loved riding my pony, Baretty, out in the forested land scouting for Lingonberries, that mom made into the most wonderful jam.  Bountiful harvests, majestic animals, living from the land has become a part of who I am, and what inspires me to stay active, eat healthy, and remain grounded and fit.

When I decided to launch Planet Phyto, sharing my own beliefs, experiences, and needs with the medical team, it felt like an organic progression for my creative journey.  My passion is to always share with others the purified wonders of nature that I have found so beneficial.  Each product is scientifically designed, fashioned from the finest quality sources, with attention to every detail, so I am confident you will love your Phyto powder with every usage.  I am so grateful for the chance to make your life just a little easier and healthier.

Meet Dr. Darrin L. Frye, MD, MPH, ABAARM

Co-Founder, Chief Medical Officer

Hi, I am the medical advisor and co-creator of Planet Phyto and Skinny Beanie.  It is a pleasure to have you shopping with us today!  I believe that the more care we give to our body, the more we can care for everybody - and that is a really good thing!  Living a life of fullness, joy, and optimism is highly dependent on the type and quality of fuel we provide our bodies.  In our Phyto development laboratory, we work in harmony with nature’s genius, utilizing the incredible sophistication of plants to hone formulas that gently redirect our bodies to match our goals.  We design and select purified plant portions, and package them conveniently for you to help keep your brain and body in peak condition.  We utilize the latest advances in nutritional science to create the safest, most effective products and tools to replenish, reshape, and reward yourself, no matter what the situation.  Giving back a measure of control, especially in these times of turmoil is such a pleasure, and thank you for allowing us to participate in your life adventure!

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As your body bends and moves,

so does your mind.  

A healthy flexible physical self provides our brain all the resources it needs to dream, motivate,

recover, and appreciate all the joy

and magical moments of

your life.

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Honesty, hard work, and being true to oneself nourishes your soul creating an incredible sense of peace and wellness. Fill your body with kindness and earthly goodness to release the perception of imperfection we often have of our human bodies.

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Where you are focused - your life will go, so you must have your mind pointed in a positive direction.  Your unique life path might not be obvious, or easily accessible,

so reach for your courage and rely on your faith as you make this wondrous journey.


Grab a friend to support you on your journey, and to share your success and experience with your Planet Phyto Products.

Herbal Medicine


Healing plants have been used for centuries to reduce human suffering and cure ailments, and their natural biological actions are so useful to those wanting to improve their body and lifestyle.  We use a holistic approach, studying the latest plant (phyto) science and emerging research to create safe, effective products that reshape our lives and brighten futures.


Once we identify our wellness target, we get to work sources the finest ingredients, formulating them in a manner that is safe, convenient, and most effective.  Using decades of medical and nutritional experience we know how to unlock human potential with pure formulations right from Nature’s pharmacy!

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Finishing Touches

It isn’t enough just to create an awesome new product, it is important to make our offerings convenient, simple to use, and discreet.  That is why we utilize the Stick packaging, so you can take us with you to wherever you want to go.  Just have fun, eat what others are having, and still maintain your personal reshaping and renewing success.

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