Image by Hanxiao

Unlike capsules that start working in your stomach, Skinny BeanieTM Reshape powder acts earlier, at the
the very beginning of the
digestion process.

How It Works – the Science

1. Lessens Carb Digestion - Carb Blocker                          


" White Bean Extract inhibits the digestive enzyme alpha-amylase.

This prevents and delays the digestion of complex carbohydrates,

potentially resulting in weight loss."

2. Bind up Fats - Fat Blocker


" Cactus binds to dietary fat and its use results in reduced absorption,

which in turn leads to reduced energy absorption. "

3. Expel Excess Calories - Weight Loss Agent


" Subjects had a significant reduction in body weight, body mass index ( BMI ),

fat mass, adipose tissue thickness, and waist/hip/ thigh circumference while maintaining lean body mass. "